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1. From the Heart (3:36)
2. Light House (10:25)
3. Soul Bagel (4:20)
4. Omno - (6:09)
5. All That (9:06)
6. One Mint Julep (3:10)
7. Davidicus 25:8 (12:36)
8. Isfahan (4:11)
9. Yesterdays (5:30)
10. Renovation (7:)

The newest offering from Jazz Band One, Renovation, featuring the 2006-2007 edition of the band, is on sale now. The new cd features 5 originals and arrangements by UNI students Ryan Middagh and Joel Nagel, and an arrangement by director Chris Merz. The disc also features guest solo work by Des Moines' wizard of the Hammond organ, Sam Salomone. Sam plays on arrangements transcribed by UNI guitar instructor Bob Dunn from the Ray Charles album, Genius Plus Soul Equals Jazz. Rounding out the album are pieces by 2007 Tallcorn Festival Guest Artist Kenny Werner and Duke Ellington.

Destination Unknown - 2006

Recorded at Catamount Studio,
Cedar Falls, IA
May 5 and 6, 2007

Past Jazz Band One Recordings

Destination Unknown
(Sea Breeze Vista: SBV-4574)

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(Sea Breeze Vista: SBV-4570)

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The Unlikely Event
(Sea Breeze Vista: SBV-4561)

The Unlikely Event was recorded live at the Sinfonian Dimensions in Jazz concert February 21, 2004 and the Spring concert April 9, 2004. Tallcorn/SDIJ guest artist Peter Erskine appears on his own composition, Bulgaria, and contributes extensive liner notes.
(Sea Breeze Vista: SBV-4555)

Transformation is the first Jazz Band One cd produced under the leadership of Chris Merz. Featured selections include UNI alumnus Chris Schmitz' title track, classic compositions from Mary Lou Williams (Scratchin' in the Gravel) and Duke Ellington (East St. Louis Toodle o).
West Coasting
(Sea Breeze Vista: SBV-4547)

The last UNI Jazz Band One (Sea Breeze Vista: SBV-4547) recording to be made under the leadership of Robert Washut, West Coasting is culled from two separate recording sessions and a live concert.
Leap of Faith
(Sea Breeze Vista: SBV-4543)

Leap of Faith is UNI Jazz Band One's 10th CD in as many years. The disc features two charts specially commissioned for the 50th Anniversary of Sinfonian Dimensions in Jazz celebration.
At Dusk
(Sea Breeze Vista: SBV-4538)

The ninth CD release by UNI Jazz Band One and the second one for the Sea Breeze Vista label, At Dusk features an eclectic program of big band jazz. The title track was arranged for Jazz Band One by Rob Hudson, whose chart on Bill Evan's Very Early is also included.
Just Us
(Sea Breeze Vista: SBV-4535)

Just Us is UNI Jazz Band One’s eighth CD. Released by the Sea Breeze Vista label, the recording documents the work of the 1998-99 band.

Jazz Band One's seventh compact disc recording, Games, was released in October of 1998. Selections include arrangements and compositions by Washut and Todd Munnik, a graduate student in the Master of Music in Jazz Pedagogy program.

Conversations documents the work of the 1996-97 UNI Jazz Band One. The album features an arrangement by saxophonist Eric Allen, a 1997 UNI graduate of the Master of Music in Jazz Pedagogy program.

The 1995-96 UNI Jazz Band One recorded Skittish and dedicated the album to the memory of former band mate Tom Capps. This band was also chosen to perform as the featured collegiate big band at the Elmhurst College Jazz Festival in Chicago.
That Big Band Thing

The 1995 release, That Big Band Thing, received a five-star rating in Downbeat magazine and was the only college band to be given that honor in that year.
Field Of Play

Field of Play (1994), earned an "Oustanding Performance" award in the category of Jazz Big Bands in Downbeat's annual Student Music Awards.
Come Fly With Us

Come Fly With Us, released in 1993, earned a five-star rating in Downbeat magazine. Trumpeter Jason Brewer also won an individual "Outstanding Performance" award in the Student Music Awards.
Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure (1992), also garnered an "Oustanding Performance" award in Downbeat's Annual Student Music Awards along with Bassist Mark Urness receiving an "Outstanding Performance" award for his talent. In addition, Jazz Band One was selected as the winner of the collegiate big band competition at the 1992 Wichita Jazz Festival.



1. Stablemates (B. Golson)
2. Fee Fi Fo Fum (W. Shorter)
3. Gemini (Merz/Washut)
4. Peace (H. Silver)
5. Sproing (C. Merz)
6. Pluto - a requiem (Merz/Washut)
7. Beatrice(S. Rivers)
8. You and the Night and the Music (H. Dietz/ A Schwartz)
9. Leo (Merz/Washut)
10. Onmo (K. Wheeler)
11. Aries (Merz/Washut)

Chris Merz, Tenor Saxophone
Bob Washut, Piano

Sea Breeze Jazz: SB-3036
Recorded: June 20-22, 1999

1. Waiting For Charlie (A. Broadbent)
2. Iowa Autumn (B. Washut)
3. Basso Urnessto (B. Washut)
4. Mrs. B (B. Washut)
5. Stompin’ At The Savoy (E. Sampson, et al.)
6. Fairy Tale (B. Washut)
7. Caravan (J. Tizol/D. Ellington)
8. Sphere’s Mirror (B. Washut)
9. The Sage (B. Washut)
10. Especial-Lee (B. Washut)
11. 8:00 Bean (M. Urness)

Bob Washut Trio

Bob Washut, piano
Mark Urness, bass
Kevin Hart, drums

Mystery is My Story

1. Blue Duiker
2. Thesis and Catharsis
3. All These Worlds
4. Haiku
5. Get Out of My Head
6. Travel in Peace

All selections composed, arranged, and conducted by Chris Merz.

Chris Merz & the X-tet